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Main screen

SafeSky's interface is designed to be simple and user-friendly, allowing pilots to focus on their flight during operation.


Connection status

This dot informs the pilot of the connectivity status, which can be either green or red, depending on its activity.

By clicking on the dot, a sub-window appears with additional information:

  • Internet: indicates the status and activity of the internet connection.
  • SafeSky: provides information about the last exchange with SafeSky servers.
  • My position: confirms if the mobile device's GPS is properly transmitting its position.
  • <Navigation Software>: confirms the choice and connection to the selected navigation software in the application Settings.


My fellow pilots


If one or more of your fellow pilots (included in your SafeSky fellow pilots list - see the "Settings" chapter) is in flight, you can easily locate them on the map and send them pre-recorded messages.

Create a squadron


Inviting fellow pilots to join your squadron during a flight allows you to display the avatars of the aircraft in a specific colour, making them more visible on the map.

Access to creating a squadron is a PREMIUM feature.

Follow these steps to create a squadron:

  • Click on the "Squadron" icon   Squadron_Create.png
  • Fill in the requested information (only the squadron name is required) - Press "Create" at the top right. The shortname will appear on the map next to the aircraft's callsign.

Squadron 01.png

  • Click on Fichier 1LogoThirdParties.png followed by "Invite" to directly reach out to the pilots you want to join your squadron.

Invitations can only be sent to your "Fellow pilots". 

  • Your fellow pilots will receive the invitation to join your squadron directly on the SafeSky application and can accept or decline it.

  • Once your squadron is created, press "TAKE OFF".

  • There will be no in-flight alerts between the members of the same squadron.

  • The aircraft icons of your fellow pilots will take on the colour of your squadron, that other pilots using SafeSky will also see to realise you are flying together.

  • On the screen, the squadron icon will also take on the chosen colour for your squadron.

  • By pressing this icon, at any time, you will have access to a menu allowing you to localise your friends, send them a message through intercom, or manage your squadron (adjust or delete).




By clicking on "Filters," you will access the following page:



If a red dot is displayed on the "Filters" icon, it means that filters have been applied.

  • Pressing "Reset" will return the application to its default settings.
  • You can choose to enable or disable the display of grounded aircraft.
  • The MAP filter interacts with the altitude of the aircraft displayed on the map.
  • This filter has no impact on the display of in-flight traffic when using the radar mode. It is solely intended for the display of traffic in map mode.

  • The RADAR filter is important as it provides the visible traffic range in relation to your position. For example, in this case, the radar-visible traffic will be within the range of -3,500ft / +3,500ft relative to your flight altitude.
  • The following three filters are:
    • Aircraft: Filters the type of aircraft you want to be displayed.
    • Transponder: Filters the types of transponders aggregated by SafeSky you want to be displayed, including ADS-B, ADS-L, ASTERIX, FANET, FLARM, FLYING NEURONS, FLYMASTER, INREACH, MICROTRAK, MODE-S, NAVITER, OGN TRACKER, PILOT AWARE, REMOTE ID (Recreational Drones), SAFESKY, SPIDER, SPOT, XC GUIDE, XC TRACK. This list of transponders aggregated by SafeSky is continuously updated.
    • Airport (PREMIUM feature): Filters the types of airports you want to be displayed on the map (Airport, Ultralight Base, Hydrobase, Gliders, etc.).
  • Traffic displayed in black is traffic from compatible aggregated information sources. Traffic displayed in blue is traffic from SafeSky sources.

Centre your position on the map

Center map.png

In map mode, pressing this button will automatically centre your position on the map.

Access to online help


Here you will find a wealth of resources that walk you through the App's features and capabilities.



Access the weather information is a PREMIUM feature.

This feature provides access to weather information on the map, based on the latest METAR from airfields. The following information is accessible:

  • Status:
    • 🟢 VFR (Visual Flight Rules)
    • 🔵 MVFR (Marginal Visual Flight Rules)
    • 🔴 IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)

    • Gray colour = METAR not updated for over 30 minutes

  • Cloud Base Altitude in feet

  • Wind direction and speed in knots

  • Horizontal visibility in kilometres

Interface Meteo (EN).png

Select your aircraft


This button displays the callsign of the last used aircraft. If no action is taken, this aircraft will be used for the next flight. By clicking on this button, you can access the aircraft configuration page, giving you the option to choose another previously created aircraft or create a new one ("Manage my aircraft").

The creation of multiple aircraft is a PREMIUM feature. 




This section is where you can personalise all of SafeSky's Settings. There is a dedicated chapter for it.

Take off

Fichier 4TakeOff.png

This is essential, as your position will not be shared with the SafeSky community without pressing "TAKE OFF".

If you wish to transfer traffic to a navigation software (SkyDemon, ForeFlight, or others), it is imperative to press "TAKE OFF" even while grounded. This action indeed activates traffic sharing with compatible navigation software. Without "TAKE OFF" there will be no traffic visible on the navigation software's maps.

The "TAKE OFF" action will automatically display the radar screen.