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Android battery management

The SafeSky App on Android may occasionally stop running in the background due to various parameters and vendor-specific decisions. This can be attributed to Android's background process management, which may deprioritise the app after a certain period.

This is a well know Android issue where manufacturers prefer by default battery life over proper functionality.

In short, on Android, some settings allow to have fine grained control over when to allow apps to run in background.

For optimal performance, pilots are advised to review and adjust these settings based on their device's specifications to ensure the SafeSky App runs smoothly even in the background, such as:
  • SIM card & mobile network management
  • Battery management, battery saving
  • Management of each app (e.g. battery saving, possibility to work in foreground‚Ķ)¬†

Vendor specific settings can be found on the "Don't kill my app" website.

Example settings: