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Presentation of the SafeSky App


The idea of using a mobile phone to share your position during flight arose from the sad realisation that in our aviation community, even with the existing technology at our disposal, it was still challenging to easily share our positions with other pilots in the sky.

So, we began to dream and imagine pilots using a simple mobile application to share their positions with a broader community, encompassing all types of aircraft, motorised or non-motorised, manned or unmanned. Because, let's face it, very few aircraft today are adequately equipped to transmit their position, let alone see the position of others.

Various hardware solutions exist, such as external devices dedicated to traffic monitoring, capable of displaying positions on compatible navigation software. These devices can be either TRAFIC IN-only or TRAFIC IN/OUT. But asking paramotorists to equip themselves with such a device is a distant dream, not to mention the financial aspect of such solutions.

What if all pilots used their phones, either on their own or coupled with existing hardware, to share their positions? We could then have an unprecedented view of real-time traffic and offer an easy and cost-effective solution to avoid mid-air collisions.

On March 28, 2021, SafeSky provided this solution and offered pilots a fully operational and ad-free free version, enabling them to easily share their positions during flight. A PREMIUM low cost paid version is also available, offering additional features for extra pilot convenience.

That day, SafeSky turned your phone into a transponder!

This manual aims to guide you through the configuration of the SafeSky Application, both on iOS and Android, with or without an external device or navigation software.


SafeSky introduction video

Find out in 3 minutes why you should use SafeSky.