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Appropriate use of the SafeSky application in flight

SafeSky works on both phones and tablets. This means that you must position the screen in a way that fits within your visual field (while also monitoring the instruments on the dashboard).

It is important to properly position the device and use a suitable mount that will securely hold the tablet or phone during flight, even in the presence of turbulence.

Here are a few tips that can help improve your SafeSky experience:

  • Use a reliable mounting system, securely attaching it to the dashboard or, if possible, using a suction cup on the windshield.
  • If there are air vents on the dashboard, try to position your phone or tablet so that the back of the device is adequately cooled by the outside air.
  • Power your phone or tablet using an integrated 12V power socket or a portable battery.

Ensuring that your equipment is securely attached on board or to yourself is a safety guarantee. Leave nothing to chance.