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Using Mobile Internet/Data While Connected To A WiFi Network (IOS/Android)

When attempting to connect an external device like a SkyEcho2, a Stratux, or a PowerFLARM to your phone, you need to ensure that your phone is connected to the external device's Wi-Fi hotspot while also having internet access through 4G/5G mobile data.

It's important to note that this setup is independent of the SafeSky App itself and is instead a configuration specific to your phone's operating system. Below are some common ways to solve this connectivity issue. However, if these methods don't work for your device, please consult your device's user manual for further assistance, as the SafeSky team cannot provide support for individual device configurations.

IOS Devices

This should be working out of the box.

iOS 13 and above will automatically detect that your WiFi network does NOT have Internet and allow you to access other devices on the WiFi network while automatically using your mobile Internet. If not, you can follow these steps to FORCE iOS to use mobile Internet while connected to a WiFi network.

iOS 13 and above Instructions

  1. Go to “Settings” then “WiFi”
  2. Connect to your WiFi network
  3. Click the Info (i) icon next to your current WiFi network to view network info
  4. Make note of your IP Address and Subnet Mask
  5. Change “Configure IP” from “Automatic” to “Manual” and enter the IP Address and Subnet Mask. DO NOT CONFIGURE ROUTER. The “Router” setting should be BLANK/EMPTY!
  6. Save your changes. iOS will show “No Internet Connection” next to your WiFi device. iOS should no longer attempt to connect to Internet through this WiFi network.

The change above will only affect the WiFi network you are currently connected to. If you connect to another WiFi network, your iOS device will try to use that network’s Internet connection unless you repeat these steps.

Android Devices

On Android > 11, it should be working out of the box. Android should detect that no internet connection is available on the WiFi, and prompt you to use your SIM data instead.

You may be able to manually configure your WiFi network connection similar to the iOS method above. If not, you can force your phone to always use your mobile data connection.

Android 9 instructions (use mobile data for specific WiFi network)

  1. Go to Settings > Connections > WiFi
  2. Tap and hold your WiFi network name until a menu appears
  3. Click “Manage Network Settings”
  4. Make note of your IP Address and Subnet Mask
  5. Change “IP Settings” from “DHCP” to “Static”
  6. Remove the IP address from “Gateway” so that “Gateway” is blank.
  7. DO NOT CHANGE any other settings. Be sure to leave “IP Address” or “Network Prefix Length” alone. The “Router” setting should be BLANK/EMPTY!
  8. Save your changes. Android should no longer attempt to connect to Internet through this WiFi network

Recent versions of Android OS also allow users to force the OS to always use Mobile Data. This is not as ideal as the iOS settings above, so only use as a last resort. You must toggle this setting whenever you DO want to use a WiFi Internet Connection.

Android 9 instructions (always use mobile data)

Enable Developer Mode

  1. Go to Settings > System > About Phone
  2. Tap “Build Number” until Developer Mode is enabled

Toggle Mobile Data Setting

  1. Go to Settings > System > Developer Options
  2. Toggle “Mobile Data Always Active”

Android 8 Instructions (always use mobile data)

Enable Developer Mode

  1. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software Information
  2. Tap “Build Number” (~7 times) until “Developer Mode has been turned on” is displayed

Toggle Mobile Data Setting

  1. Go to Settings > Developer Options > Network
  2. Toggle “Keep Mobile data turned on”

WARNING: Enabling this option will force your device to ALWAYS use mobile data. Your device will NEVER try to access the Internet through your WiFi connection, even if you switch to a WiFi network that DOES have Internet access.

If you suspect Developer Options are causing any problems, you can go back to Developer Options (Settings > Developer Options) and change the very first toggle from “On” to “Off”.

Stratux: Wifi Direct and Android mobile data while

For many users, the AP mode is working just fine. If, however, you are on Android and would like to use mobile data while connected to your Stratux, Wifi Direct might be the better option. It's not super convenient, but it does the job.

The Stratux team has made a specific workaround if none of the above is working.

Other cases

If none of the above scenario is working, the combination between your phone manufacturer, operating system version and the extra software layer of your vendor is going to make things specific.

Several use cases can be checked here.

SafeSky does not offer vendor-specific support, and pilots should search the internet or refer to the user manual provided by the respective vendors for assistance with their devices.

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