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What Will You Get?

You will get the most complete traffic information service in-flight.

SafeSky enables pilots to view the positions of fellow aviators, promoting seamless communication and reducing the need for constant radio calls.

SafeSky collects and displays traffic data from almost 20 different protocols, including ADS-B, FLARM, OGN, and partially Mode S. As such, using SafeSky can give you at least "20 times more" traffic information, including exceptional traffic such as paramotor and drone traffic. Of course, if other pilots aren’t using any detection device, SafeSky, like any other system, will not be able to see them. It’s like driving a car: if you do not turn on your headlights at night you cannot be seen … or too late. 

This is the traffic you will see with SafeSky:

  • ADS-B

  • Asterix

  • Fanet

  • Flarm

  • Fly master

  • Flying Neurons

  • InReach

  • Microtrack

  • Mode S

  • Navigate

  • OGN tracker

  • Pilot Aware

  • SafeSky

  • Spider

  • Spot

  • XC-Guide

While it may not show everything, SafeSky offers significantly more air traffic information than a single system or no system at all, with no additional hardware or financial cost.

It is essential to note that SafeSky is not a radar and, therefore, is not intended to replace any existing eConspicuity equipment, such as ADS-B or FLARM receivers, but rather to complement them.

SafeSky relies on the internet. While there may be occasional areas with no coverage, the application boasts an 80% success rate for data transmission up to 5,000 feet.

Besides allowing pilots to see the positions of fellow aviators in flight, ground followers can also track their flights.

You will be forewarned in case of a collision risk.

Forewarned is forearmed. If this traffic would come to close, you will get an alert (visual or audible).

Check it out in real live here.

You will get the most interoperable in-flight traffic information solution!

SafeSky offers both a Free and a PREMIUM plan. The Free Plan includes all safety features, including traffic information. The PREMIUM Plan offers added comfort and compatibility, particularly with navigation software and connectivity to your devices.

If you have opted for SafeSky PREMIUM, you can also benefit from the GDL90 protocol (protocol allowing to view this traffic in your navigation application (SDVFR, Air Navigation Pro, SkyDemon, ForeFlight, EasyVFR, ...).