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How can I display SafeSky traffic at my airfield?

Setting up a display at your airfield to show all nearby air traffic is a straightforward process and can greatly enhance the experience for both pilots and visitors. By installing a computer or TV at your airfield, you can provide a real-time visualisation of the flight pattern, along with inbound and outbound traffic.

Why is this beneficial?

This setup not only improves situational awareness for pilots but also offers visitors an engaging way to understand the dynamics of air traffic, making their visit more informative and enjoyable.

How to set it up?

  1. Open the browser on your computer or SmartTV.
  2. Navigate to SafeSky Live Traffic. (
  3. Zoom into your airfield’s location. The system will remember this setting for future access.
  4. Customise your view by filtering for specific traffic altitudes, changing the map theme, and more.